No right-thinking man would follow his wife to a party – Counselor Lutterodt


Ghana’s controversial marriage counselor George Lutterodt has once again made a controversial statement bothering on how to protect marriages.

According to him, any man that follows his wife to any party be its end of year party or reunion is just a complete fool.

He explained that the friends of one partner in a marriage should not necessarily become the friends of the other partner. Citing an example, he said: “the friends that my wife makes at church, they are not my friends.

Claiming that if it were so [the friends of one partner are not the friends of the other], then it would be foolish for a man to follow his wife to a party where the people there are not his friends.

Stating that: “So if my wife is going for an end of year party and I’m following here- it’s only a foolish man who follows his wife to an end of year party.”


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