“Sex and backbiting are the causes of the fall of Kumawood” Agradaa fumes at Agya Koo and Matilda


In a video spotted by OneLoveGhanaTV, saw Agya Koo making some allegations against the ruling party, saying that they have neglected him after using him to win the seat.

“People are associating me with some portfolio in the NPP and some contracts when I travel but I strongly will tell them that they are all false and that I have not had anything from the ruling after coming into power” Agya Koo said during the interview. He continued to express his disappointments with the Presidency concerning their neglecting nature.

“I was used extensively for the party and I played a major role in helping them win but the opposite is happening after the win” he expressed.

Agradaa is also on the defensive mode and indirectly backing the Government for what they did for the Kumawood star. For what was heard as the amount paid to Agya Koo as his consolation fee from the government to the Kumawood stars, a whooping sum of GH&300,000. The money was given to some small number of the group led by AGYA Koo and Matilda.

“You cannot blame the government now for getting such an amount and misusing it, and turn around to say they have sidelined you. You picked a handful of people to go in for the money and now grant interviews to tarnish the image of the Government ? Kumawood is down and slow not because of the Indian series but due to the backbiting nature of the actors.

Sex is on spree and you can’t ward off these things and push the low patronage of movies to the government. The issue is with the stars and not the government” Agradaa fumes.



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