Divine beef: Rev. Obofour verbally attacks Prophet Kofi Oduro: Calls him repulsive names.


It is not normal that we hear/see men of God whose primary mission is to peacefully spread the word of God have a go at each other but it is becoming a trend in Ghana.

The latest to join are Rev. Obofuor and Prophet Kofi Oduro. The former alluded that the latter has been repeatedly talking about him but because of the latter’s age, he decided to pay a deaf ear to the insults.

However, the former has had enough! and in sensational fashion, used very harsh words on Prophet Kofi Oduro.

Rev. Obofuor referred to him as a mad man, a dog and even went further to accuse him of being an occultist and a gay.

More shocking was the fact that Rev. Obofuor’s church members were applauding him he dished out those insults to his colleague pastor.

Seeing is believing, eh?



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