Prophet Badu Kobi and Obinim plead to Kennedy Agyapong to cease fire.


What was considered as beef between Kennedy Agyapong and Prophet Badu Kobi together with Angel Obinim has turned into a symbol of towels being thrown. 

Watch video of Prophet Badu Kobi and Obinim apologizing to Kennedy Agyapong.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong last week started ‘witch hunting’ Prophet Badu Kobi because of his persistent insults hurled at the president of the Nation. He came out with some revelations about the Prophet, who also responded to those accusations at his church claiming the falsehood attached to those accusations. Angel Obinim also become another angle the MP channeled. He disclosed some secrets of Obinim, who also defended and dared the Honorable to come out with facts and evidences. 

Ghanaians were in hopes for the second phase of the exposé which Kennedy Agyapong promised to deliver concerning Badu Kobi and Obinim. Thing have taken a new turn as Honorable came out to put a halt on it because, the parties involved have sent apologies to Kennedy Agyapong. 

“I have decided to halt the exposé because Prophet Badu Kobi and Angel Obinim sent delegates to my end to apologize on their behalf. It is only a fool who does not listen, so I have accepted to stop but I sure have conditions” he said. 

“I am not interested in his apology and I am not the one he should apologize to, all apologies should be directed to the President. To Obinim too, what expect from him is to let his small boys stop those actions or else I will come out big to exposé him” he continued. 

Watch when Obinim dares Kennedy Agyapong to come out with his evidence against him

Lastly, he warned a crime officer for spewing insults on a police page to stop or she will also have a bone to pick with him.

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