I would rather die than to forgive you for tarnishing my image— Rev. Obofour to Prophet Elisha.


Last week, OneLoveGhanaTV got hold of an audio alleging that Rev. Obofuor eats the flesh of humans and that he had buried two of his children for power. The audio was from Prophet Elisha who dared Rev. Obofuor to come out and defend himself off such an accusation.

Rev. Obofour is mad at Prophet Elisha[watch]

Prophet Elisha this time around made an audio to send an apology to Rev. Obofuor for tarnishing his image. He said the reason for such defamation was to get fame and also test how Ghanaians perceive Obofuor in the country. “I am very sorry and did not plan to tarnish his image, my focus was to trend around and also find out how people perceive and direct their thoughts towards him” he said.

“I made comments of him burying the womb of women and that he also buries a live cow every month for power and domination. All those I said is false and invalid and I ask that he forgives me” he added.

“When I heard the audio, the first thing I did was to go to the Police Station and report myself of such tag. The police issued a warrant to arrest the Man of God and also the presenter who granted the interview. This year, I will not allow for these things to pass this year and Iwill never ever forgive him. If my wife says she divorce me because of that, I will gladly divorce her though I love her” Rev. Obofuor angrily responds to the audio apologising.

Rev. Obofour imposters arrested[watch]



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