Forgive Him ! Chairman Wontumi adjure on behave of Obinim.


The beef between Obinim and Kennedy has no prospects of ending anytime soon, which has warranted for the intrusion by some members of the political party. As the saying goes, “words are used to settle problems and not knife”, the NPP Chairman for Ashanti Region, Chairman Wontumi has stepped in to apologise on behalf of Angel Obinim.

Wontumi begs on behalf on Obinim.

“Before coming here, I called Obinim to settle down and even in our Akan culture, the young is always at fault during a disagreement. This has caused me to come out and apologize on his behalf because it is important we place value on other things. Ken has been working very well for the party and as such must be focused on making more prominent takes to help the party, therefore it’s right to let go of this squabble” he said. 

On the low, he made a comment concerning the leak video of Angel Obinim with the side chick calling that a must in the lives of men. So probably, the man of God will definitely not be able to go free from that angle.



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