Duncan-Williams reveals bank account numbers where church members can pay tithes & offerings


Arch Bishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams yesterday shared bank account numbers via his Instagram handle where members can sow their seeds and to also pay tithes and offerings.


Sharing the bank account details, the leader of Action Chapel International wrote:

“During this time, I have been blessed by those who reached to find out how they can give their offerings, pay their tithes, and sow seeds. it has touched me because it re-affirms that even though there are many who have an issue with sowing during times like these, there are those who have chosen to put their faith solely in God.

Their reasons are their own and it is not for the church or anyone else to question or dictate how they demonstrate their faith, but as someone who has dedicated my life to the Kingdom, I am encouraged by those who have not given up hope on the Kingdom and are still exercising spiritual principles and establishing covenants with Jehovah; and I decree and declare that for those who, of their own free will and volition, have chosen to sow their seeds and not waver in spite of the storm, may your cup never run dry.

May your household have supernatural provision and supply and may the prayers of your heart be answered speedily in Jesus’s mighty name.”

He blocked comments for this particular post because he probably imagined how people would lambast him about asking for tithes and offerings whiles we’re all in difficult times amidst this Coronavirus scare.



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