VIDEO: Full story and aftermath of Medikal and a fan who was injured and admitted at Korle Bu during his show.


There has been a trending news alleged to be tainting the image of Medikal. Late last year, the musician organized a free concert for his fan which saw an unfortunate accident happened. There were about 11 people injured during the show which brought about a halt on the show. 

Watch video of Medikal giving his part of the story.

All the affected people has minor injuries and therefore were discharged on that same day, but one fan was referred to Korle Bu due to the degree of his injury. From the account of the brother of the victim, Medikal and his team had a played some role into helping his brother but unfortunately has not seen the major input by the team. He even accused them of neglecting his brother which has caused for the injury to be unbearable, all because of an unpaid charges by the hospital. 

This action of the victim caused Medikal to also make a video in his defense saying, “I know all the happenings and I believe strongly that the brother doesn’t have good intentions and in bent on making money from me. I love my fans and I can’t ditch my fans when they go through trouble. Also, I have receipts of all payments made, which some of them are with the victim’s brother. Some are also with my mother, and when I hear the stories out there against me, it’s just sad and very humiliating. I have asked my manager to go to the hospital and make some enquiries of the charges so they settle it for him”. 

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Again the musician expressed his worry as even non-fans are receiving from them, how much more a fan who has had an injury during my show? Medikal entreats people not to listen to false information on social media against him. 



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