(Video) : Rev. Owusu Bempah rains curses on Prop. Kofi Oduro as he descends on Avram Ben Moshe.


Rev. Bempah is attacking almost everyone making mockery of prophets. He subsequently attacked Prophet Kofi Oduro and Avram Ben Moshe for insulting men of God. 

Watch Owusu Bempah cursing Prophet Kofi Oduro.

Rev. Bempah descended on Prophet Kofi Oduro for warding off the possibilities of genuine prophets and he lambasted him for being the man of God going against prophet. 

“God revealed to the prophets and they didn’t go viral because of people like Kofi Oduro who are always on the affairs of prophets in the country. He has been hampering the prophecies God has been revealing to his prophets. I saw this in 2018 and I’ve seen other prophets speaking about it before it came but it did not go viral because Kofi Oduro has been insulting prophecies which is making Prophets not able to lay out prophecies to help with the prayer topic for the church to pray” he said. 

There was an anger that was spurred which caused him to rain insults and went further to place curses on him for every action of him carefully placed against prophets. “Everyone who dies from this COVID-19, and any tears that drop from the eyes of relatives will bring curse on Kofi Oduro if you don’t come out and apologise” he lambasted. 

There was a switch to Avram Ben Moshe for also attacking the president for inviting Men of God to pray and also insulted the personalities who attended the prayer session. “Ghana is so loosed which has given people like Avram to insult men of God. Who is he to speak against great men of God” 

I’ll expose Rev. Obofour,if Ogyam doesn’t stop his insults

Rev. Bempah now has vowed to respond to anyone who attacks prophets and prophecies, and will go the extra mile of insulting them if the need be. “I won’t allow anyone to hinder the progress of prophecies in the country because God still reveals to his prophets and foolish people in the country can’t hinder such actions and words from God” he ended with that.



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