Stop spitting in people’s mouths in the name of miracles – Diana Asamoah to Cecilia Marfo.


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Evangelist Diana Asamoah has advised her colleague gospel musician to stop spitting in the mouths of people in the name of a miracle.

Cecilia is my good friend we were all working under one producer…but I didn’t like it when I heard she has been spitting into people’s mouth in the name of miracles”, she said. According to Diana, this is not to disgrace her but to put her on the right path because even Jesus Christ did not do such a thing.

Shatta should “beat” Sarkodie he’s Hypocrite — Ohenenana.

“I called her to stop that act, not only me but the church of Pentecost also called her on it”, she added. Late last year Cecelia was hit a wave of scandal first accused of marine spirit to do miracles in her ‘one-man’ church. Moreover, she was rumored to be banging her driver at the blind side of her husband and defrauded one man in a business deal.



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