Prophet Apraku My Daughter: Alive Or Dead? Speaks On Video Call | What Happened?


The Media was recently hit with news of the death of one of Ghana’s popular pastors, Evangelist Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku who is popularly known as Apraku My Daughter.

live video of Apraku “my daughter” disclaiming dead news about him.

Only hours after this report came a video of the man of God rebuking the claims over a video call while cursing people spreading this false news.

What happened

Oman Channel and other news blogs in Ghana pronounced the prophet dead for reasons most definitely known to them.

In a radio interview on Oman FM, a relative [supposed] claimed Apraku had been sick for a while which caused his demise and was being sent to be buried in his hometown.

Apraku My Daughter is Alive, He Is Not Dead

Hours after the internet got flooded with the news of his death Apraku my daughter has been spotted in a video call with a friend, although some have said the video is an old one.

For now, it has just become this puzzle of whether Apraku is dead or alive, 

…but one thing we sure know is that he lost his churches a few months ago causing him to get broke to the point of turning to Rev. Obofour for support. 

Obinim Jnr Pastors kneel to beg him to stop beefing Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.


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