Demon Breaker didn’t mention me among the Occult but dupes people for their monies In the name of Miracle — Proph. Kumchacha defense himself from all Allegation.


Demon Breaker with his exposè associated Kumchacha as someone who dupes church people and the only encounter he had with him was at Agya Dan’s church. Automatically, when the name was mentioned, there was total association with being fake and all especially with his directions. 

Almost everyone who’s name had been mentioned had in one way or the other responded and refuted such accusation and Kumchacha is of no exception. He granted an interview with Hoahi to talk of his part of the story. 

He affirmed that level of being oblivion to his identity and that they had not met in any way. Kumchacha likened Demon Breaker to Dominic who came out with plenty accusation of men of God in the country and later apologized because he was lying. Prophet Kumchacha believes that will be end of Demon Breaker. 

Demon Breaker will just come out and tell the public that he lied about the men of God. It will happen and I believe the reason why he is on prophets is because of the charitable nature of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong. He just wants to get to the good books of him and also get more favors from him. It is a clear sign of hunger in his part. He is just hungry” he said. 

However he never said I join the Occult society but rather dupes people for their Monies through miracle direction, Of which it holds no truth — Prophet Kumchacha



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