I will NEVER wear nose MASK unless i see Nana Addo wearing some — Kumawood Actor Boys Boys(Video)

Actor Dada Santo (Boys Boys)

Dada Santo is a kumawood actor who is contributed massively to the develpment of the Kumasi Movie Industry (Kumawood)

He is known for disclosing he sleeps with a lot of young girls ,over 2000 irrespective of him haven a wedded wife.

On an interview with One Ghana Tv,this veteran actor has expressed his views concerning the wearing of nose mask

To he thinks nose wearing to aid protect ourselves from this pandemic covid-19 is unless.However no one can force him to wear it he has never seen the first gentleman(Nana Addo) wearing some.

He further disclosed that,he has been hiding from the enforcement personnel in oder not to be forced to wear ,because it does not make sense to him.

Watch below video of his submission



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