“He Wanted To Chop Me” Afia Fabregas Disgraces Nana Romeo Over Wendy Shay’s Saga On Accra FM


Female presenter Afia Boadiwaa Fabregas has put Nana Romeo of Accra FM in hot waters as she threatens to expose him with evidence of trying to ‘eat’ her after his banter with Wendy Shay.

Yesterday,Nana Romeo forced Wendy Shay out of live interview they were having after he forcefully wanted her to accept that she was dating her manager Bullet.

Watch Wendy Shay Interview with Nana Romeo.

Fabrigas while reacting to that with Nana Romeo in an interview one Kingdome FM quizzed what importance his evidence of Bullet and Wendy Shay dating will bring into the entertainment industry.

After arguing with each other for a while, Fabrigas also threatened to bring evidence against Nana Romeo to show the whole world how he wanted to ‘eat’ her some time ago.

Watch video of Afia Fabregas disclosing Nana Romeo wanted to chop her