Video : Bullet is sleeping with Wendy Shay, he gave her a place to sleep after her Uncle sacked her -Emma reveals


The rumour about Bullet and Wendy Shay having an affair has been hovering around on social media for the past 2 years ever since she got signed unto the Ruff-town record label.

The two likewise have been denying the rumours on countless occasions on and off interviews.

A lot of folks have challenged they have facts to prove Bullet and Wendy Shay are in a serious relationship but none has been bold enough to bring it out.

Ray James after he was sacked from Rufftown also has added his voice to the subject saying Bullet and Wendy Shay live in the same house as a husband and wife.

Another information that has popped up on the topic of ‘Bullet and Wendy Shay are lovers’ by one Emma speaking on Neat FM confirms with her own proof that Wendy Shay is sleeping with Bullet.

Emma after strongly confirming to their love affair further gave extra information about the award-winning singer, Wendy Shay and her boss.

According to her, Wendy Shay’s uncle sacked her from the house after she decided to do music and fortunately for her Bullet came to her rescue and gave her a place to sleep, nurtured and branded her.

Adding on, she indicated that Bullet has since taken care of the young songstress after she was stranded and had no place to run to.