Video : I spent 30,000 Euros on Pastors For Medication but still Crippled- Ogidi Brown.


Ghanaian musician and artiste manager, Ogidi Brown has declared the ineffectiveness of anointing oils he spent 30,000 euros that were meant to heal him of his sickness.

The OGB Music Boss, in his video post on Instagram, lined up a set of bottles he claimed were containing anointing oils and concoctions he had purchased not only from pastors but herbalists as well.

Ogidi Brown said that following his fatal car accident in 2015, he is still crippled and moves about in a wheelchair after all the anointing oil and concoctions. However, if he was to estimate how much he has spent on getting medicinal support from pastors and herbalists to walk again, it will amount to 30,000 euros.

The musician reckons how much he spent on anointing oils and concoctions and is still incapable of walking again, and it makes him very sad.

He mentioned that he has had to chew certain unusual leaves and stems prescribed by the ‘herbalists’ to the point of adding “Akpeteshi” among others.

Ogidi Brown mentioned that he marveled after seeing the very same oils and concoction in front of Honorable Kennedy Agyapong in a recent video regarding his show of exposing fake pastors in Ghana.

Ogidi Brown believes, after saying that he may not walk again, Kennedy Agyapong is doing a great job exposing fake pastors and pledged he will never drink his concoctions or use the oils ever again.

The musician has promised anyone pastor or herbalist who can help him walk again to come on board and money, house, or whatever they may request shall be granted unto them.

Also, he cautioned Ghanaians to be sober and not trust the pastors so much to give in to every demand so they don’t lose as he has lost so much to pastors.

Watch video below: