Video:Don’t Be Quick to Judge Tracey on Her Bad Side B’coz she also has a Good Side–Xandy Kamel defense Tracey


Tracey Boakye has become the target of the day as her ex-best friend Gloria Kani won’t stop at anything but reveal most of her dirty secrets.

We reported that Gloria Kani had already exposed Tracey Boakye asking her to stop blackmailing ex-president Mahama for he is not the father of her newly born Child .

She also revealed that a TV station owner banged Tracey for just GHC2,000 and that this same man in question is the ex-husband of Tracey’s very good friend.

In another video by Gloria Kani, she mentioned that Tracey Boakye is one of those people who will say things behind your back and later smile at you. This being said, she stated that Tracey had told her that actress Xandy Karmel used to stay with ex-president John Mahama when her father died and during her stay there, Mr’s Lordina Mahama suspected that Xandy was having an affair with her husband hence she sacked Xandy from heir home.

She also recounted one moment when Tracey told her Moesha Buduong drives a range Rover and stays in a rented house for she Tracey will never do that. Well, when friendship turns sour, the worst happens. AT least this should serve as advice to the young ladies who take best friends and tell them all their secrets. One thing people should know is that humans can never be trusted.

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