Video: Youtube is Not under FIPAG So I Don’t Give a FU.CK About FIPAG’s Ban — Tracey Boakye reacts


The Film Producers Association of Ghana, FIPAG has suspended Kumawood actress and producer Tracey Boakye following her indecent outbursts on social media in recent days.

In a statement signed by its president, James Aboagye, FIPAG announced that Tracey Boakye has been indefinitely suspended following her recent indecent exposure on social media .

However, reacting to the statement, Tracey Boakye was adamant that she could not be bothered because she was not a member of the association in the first place.

“It’s been past 8 years since I started movie production and you’ve never promoted me on any of your platforms. I’m not a part of you and everybody knows I am an independent movie producer. Do you people even know me or you want to use this opportunity to trend? You boldly told me I am not a member and would not be allowed to vote before electing your new leaders so how do you come in here? I am even surprised you could even issue this statement,” she said

“Director James Aboagye, when was the last time, you called me on the phone? For you to write this letter to embarrass me…God is the best judge for both the adult and the minor. I leave everything to him…You don’t know how I sweat and even get my money to produce my movies. You have never supported me in any way…The movie industry has collapsed, you can’t kill my spirit. Which suspension are you giving me?” she asked.