Video: Don’t Brag Of Properties You Get Out Of Prostitution,U’ll Lose It –Maame Yeboah fires


Tracey Boakye, the popular Kumawood actress/producer has revealed in an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM that all women who sleep with men when they are not married are prostitutes.

According to Tracey Boakye, it does not matter if you stand by the roadside and sell your body do it privately with your boyfriend in courtship; so far as you are having se*x and you are not married, you are a prostitute.

In her submission, Tracey Boakye who is not married and has confessed she is dating an older man revealed that it is hypocrisy to tag “commercial sex workers” as prostitutes since there is no difference between them and other women who are having se*x whiles not married.

To her, those women are bold and should be respected because they are strong enough to demand payment for using their bodies. Unlike people who will be trading their bodies for material things from their boyfriends secretly.

As long as Tracey Boakye is not married and even has a child; using her own logic, it is safe to say she is also a prostitute and a proud one as such.

Tracey Boakye said:

“In this world when you’re not married and you have sex, its prostitution. Whether you stand outside or do it indoors. Ghanaians we have a problem. We prefer those who always try to pretend. We are hypocrites.”

Someone is charging money for sex by the roadside, you, on the other hand, do it indoors yet at the end of the day, we tend to judge the roadside ones. If you’d ask me I’ll choose those who stand by the roadside any day because they’ve got courage” she added.