VIDEO: “The NDC should forget about 2020 election because they have lost already” Prophet Prince reveals


People have shared their view on the outcome of the 2020 elections. Some have aligned their comments as a revelation from God. Though it can be described as the battle between prophets and messages from God rather than one between political parties.

Prophet Prince in a recent video had cautioned politicians not to really be moved by the prophecies from Prophets because, they can not bring any politicina into power. He emphaticallt stated that, each prophets see in a different view which can be deceiving.

He made another specifically directing the NDC to be very much circumsoect in the spiritual warfare because, the NDC have lost even before the election starts.

He alluded it to the fact that, the NDC are suppose to do some directions in the Spiritual to help them be at a stronger point against the NPP.

The again he called the NDC to also know that, there are some things which must be done for the late Prof Atta Mills to help in their quest of coming back into power.