VIDEO: Virgin Pastor speaks on the outcome and aftermath of the 2020 General elections


OneGhanaTV hosted Virgin Pastor in their studios. During the interview, the talk was channeled to the General Election as he had bee heard speaking of the outcome of the election and how true those statements and predictions were.

Virgin Pastor in his defence spoke on only the aftermath of the election which he said will cause the country to go on a curfew.

“God has revealed one person to me twice and I cannot point out the meaning of the revelation as loss or win for the person so I will not comment on it. But one thing which was very visible was the aftermath of the election.

I saw that the country was on curfew and soldiers were everywhere insisting that people go to their houses. Although I am not saying there was war, I am telling Ghanaians to avoid election voilence and any party which wins or loses should accept in good faith” he said.