VIDEO: “I used to chase after people’s husbands so…..” Gloria Kani confesses


Evangelist Kani Gloria has come out again to speak about women chasing after people’s husbands. People may make reference to the ‘Papa No’ incidence as that also holds a bigger margin to such actions.

She plainly entreats these ladies to put a halt to their actions because they will surely face the same thing when they marry. Even if they do not get the same feat, they probably experience difficulty in raising the kids.

She made reference to what she did before accepting Christ and that, she chased after people’s husbands so should the same thing happen in her marriage, she will not go back to God and pray but rather will accept it in good faith because she did same to someone’s wife.

What she called as the payment for an old habit changed, she will rather pray that the husband will not infect her with any infections sexually but will pray more for his safety.