VIDEO:Pastor Sylvester Ofori tricked Barbara to leave her boyfriend so he can marry her–Church member reveals details.


Ghanaian pastor by name Sylvester Ofori has been accused of shooting his wife dead in the United States of America. Ofori and Barbara Tommey were both staying in the US husband and wife before Barbara left him due to his abusive behaviour.

According to sources, the man has been beating the wife for so many years now coupled with his irresponsibility and he is also a high-level drunkard.

The family of Barbara persuaded her to leave Sylvester which she did so she has been staying alone without the husband for sometime now.  The husband however tracked her to her workplace last two days where he shot her 7 times after a shot confrontation.

Church member of Barbara details the means pastor Sylvester was able to outwit her to leave her boyfriend she was dating then so he can marry her.

funny face reacts to US base Ghanaian Pastor who has shot his wife due to marital misunderstanding