VIDEO: Actor Yaw Dabo pleads with Nana Otumfour to endorse Kumerica Movement.


The word “Kumerica” has become a new trend and word in the country. Many people have created memes and stickers to continue the trend. While some have merely resort to making fun of the newly generated name, others have been able to make money from the new word by printing T-shirts, and brooches.

Most of the people who hail from Kumasi having been seen rocking the “Kumerica” branded T-shirts. Popular blogger ZionFelix has however brought to light the real originators of the new name trending. The young men who were behind the brain of the new name, are known as Akata Boys in Kumasi has narrated the movement and how it all began.

One of the young men identified as Black Foreigner told Zionfelix on his uncut show that the idea came after many people referred to him as someone who has returned to Kumasi from America. He added that these said he dresses like someone who has returned from the States.

After a deep thought, the young man stated that he combined Kumasi and America to carve the new trend “Kumarica. The group disclosed that the new trend has become a serious movement in their vicinity and also in the country and hope it has come to stay.