VIDEO: “Add a beautiful girl before you can get Kumerica visa” Yaw Dabo to people outside Kumasi


The new trend of Kumerica is not ending anytime soon as people have proudly embraced the concept.

For some weeks now, what is described as America in Kumasi is the tag Kumerica, which has seen massive support and enthusiasm from the youth of Kumasi.

Although there had not been a controlled administrative work assigned to people, but there seem to be some gradual structuring of the brand.

Yaw Dabo spoke to OneGhanaTV about the new trend and what one must do before getting access to some important places in Kuamsi.

“If you want to have access to almost every part of Kumerica, you must just add a beautiful girl to yourself and visa will be granted” he said.

That sure must be one of the easiest mode of getting a visa. He threw a little caution that, the only who can close and end the trend is Otumfuor. Although, some chiefs have commented and asked that they take some things off the brand but to no avail.

Since the ‘country’ in a country is ruled by His Majesty, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, he can change some directives.

Which state are you from in Kumasi?