VIDEO: “There is no justification for taken someone’s life” ‘brother’ of the shooting pastor speaks


People have come out to speak their version of the shooting incidence that happened in the US of a Ghanaian pastor who killed his wife at her work place.

This is a close friend turned brother and has been close to the family before the unfortunate incident happened. To, he is calling out to people to speak up and not hold on to the emotional trauma happening and again entreat others to keep shut with theories of family and the people involved.

Commenting on one of the theories aligned to the separation of the marriage, the brother made an emphatic statement not to generalize his actions to the love of God and that his heart was solely after God because in dealing with knowledge, one broadens the mind but when the spiritual insight is seek, the heart of man is changed.

He couldn’t hold his tears when he had to reminisce the incident. There is also a go-fund-me page for the family of the deceased.