VIDEO: “If NPP do not win this year’s election, I will stop being a pastor” Ogya Nyame speaks


Bishop Isaac Appiah aka Ogya Nyame, the founder and leader of Shinning Grace Chapel International in an interview has revealed that the NDC led by their presidential aspirant should stop wasting time campaigning.

Not only that, he has placed his pastoral ministry on the line should NDC come to power in the 2020 General Election. He said “the election has already been decided in the Spiritual realm and the winner is still the NPP. If changes happen, I will gladly call you people to come”.

According to the powerful prophet of God, the flag-bearer of the NDC, Mr. Mahama, has a white angel who left him but will surely come back when he comes to the right state.

He disclosed that for the betterment of their party, he NDC should stop going about on a promising ‘spree’ amid their campaigning.

Ogya Nyame whiles speaking stated it is worthwhile for the NDC to reserve their resources and their inputs for the next four years, 2024 as it may be the year for them.