VIDEO: Kanye West shares clip of himself urinating on Grammy Award amid fight with labels over music ownership


Kanye URINATES on Grammy, declares ‘Black Masters Matter’ and says he ‘can’t be muted or canceled’ after comparing the music industry to a slave ship and vowing not to release songs until he’s freed from Universal and Sony contracts

Kanye West shared shocking footage of himself urinating on a Grammy Award on Wednesday

The rapper is enraged that most artists do not own their masters (the rights to their own work), and has been savaging the structure of the music industry

West wants to buy his masters from Universal, and is trying to get out of his contract with the label

He has vowed not to make new music until he owns his masters and is freed from various contracts he has signed over the years 

West’s masters are likely worth hundreds of millions of dollars

Last year, Taylor Swift was left dumbfounded when her rival, Scooter Braun, snapped up the rights to her masters in a $300 million deal

Wife Kim didn’t post on Instagram on Facebook on Wednesday as she ‘freezed’ her accounts to protest ‘the spread of hate and propaganda’