VIDEO: Nana Agradaa can never Win social media ‘beef’ against Pep Donkor — Karmal explains


Maame Pep Donkor made a shocking revelation that Nana Agraada kidnaps children, kills and smuggles human parts.

According to the prophetess, Nana Agradaa is neck-deep in various shady and unscrupulous deals that when she unveils will blow the mind of Ghanaians.

Now, the moment professional gossipers in Ghana have been waiting for is here as Nana Agraada has responded to claims by “hungry” prophetess Pep Donkor that she’s fake, serial killer and all that.

In a video making rounds, Nana Agraada vowed to finish Pep Donkor on Sunday when she goes on-air on Thunder Tv’s “Talking Point” show as she has deeper revelations about the acclaimed-prophetess.

So, we’re patiently on Sunday basically to see whatever Nana Agradaa would have to say about Pep Donkor and will update you accordingly.