VIDEO: “The exploitation at the airport is too much; This must stop!!” Nigel Gaisie begs Airport Authorities


The Government of Ghana after opening the airport made arrangements for travelers coming into the country to run the COVID-19 test at a cost of $150. After the test is run, the outcome will determine where one will spend the next two weeks.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie after experiencing the protocol has brought to notice the outrageous activity involved in the cost of the test. Sharing on his facebook page in a live video, the man of God called on the Ghana Health Service and Airport Authorities to halt exploiting the citizens of the country.

In his narration, he made a journey to Sierra Leone to spend 3 days and had to $300 to only Ghanaian airport which considers as exploitation. He feels the test cost is too much, moreover he didn’t spend up to even two weeks to have called for another test when coming back to Ghana.

He therefore urged the authorities to reconsider the rule and amount involved because it is total exploitation to the Ghanaian citizenry. He again made a subtle comment concerning the recipients of the money. which he feels will not go to the right office and that someone will put in his pocket.

The bank collecting the money is not from Ghana and the guy who was also handling the whole process was also not a Ghanaian. This surely meant that it wont go to the right pocket.