VIDEO: “You will never be able to speak on screen after three months” Spiritual Father threatens Pep Donkor


Just as the saying goes, blood is thicker than water and evidently, Nana Agradaa beef with Pep Donkor has called for the brother of Agradaa, Spiritual Father to also throw in his support for the sister.

What Spiritual Father as he is popularly known revealed in the interview was of great shock and alarming. From what he describes as stepping out of boundaries is the attitude of Pep Donkor in her fight against someone more powerful than her.

Then again, Spiritual revealed that, Nana Agradaa played a major role in the healing process of Pep as she spent about two years with him at his camp when she was insane.

Spiritual Father revealed that, Pep had to swallow 25 rings in order to be sane which has also made her barren. Though she had given before the incidence, but the aftermath of what was done for her will make her barren till the end of the earth.

Again he threatened Pep Donkor, that when he is through with what he will be doing, she wont be able to come on YouTube again after three months.