Stop asking government for money, be creative – Majid Michel urges colleague actors


Actor Majid Michel is urging his colleagues to use their creativity and talent to make money from their works.

According to him, it is the lack of creativity that has negatively affected the industry as a whole and led to a reduction in resources.

In an interview with Joy Prime’s Ibrahim Ben Bako, he explained that it is not advisable for actors to ask government for money to support their work.

“We never did that. Before we grew our industry in Ghana, no government official gave us money we had businessmen who were ready to risk and make good stories,” he said.

Explaining why people claim the movie industry is dead, Majid Michel stated that it is because there are not many productions like there used to be.

He said the industry will revive if players were working and producing creative stories for their audience.

The award-winning actor added that the industry also suffered a loss because the film industry turned to digital services.

He believes that if production houses learn the nitty-gritty of digital sales among others the industry can survive without government.