VIDEO: If you don’t have Pαckαging & Fαvor like me forget!! – Tracey Boakye throws new SH0T at Crit!cs


Tracey Boakye suffered a massive troll on social media days ago after videos and pictures of her circulated online during her donation to Cherub’s Orphanage Home.

Some social media users after sighting the footages mocked her for dressing very poorly to the donation at the Orphanage Home.

According to them, her sense of fashion is horrible considering the amount of money she claims to have acquired at her age, she ought to show it through her appearance.

Reacting to trolls, Tracey Boakye in a video posted on her social media page blasted all critics to keep their mouth shut over her dressing issues.

She described those trolling and mocking her as unproductive beings who have nothing better to offer themselves nor her.

In full blast, the actress stressed that she has no time concentrating on fashion instead she uses her hard-earned money on acquiring properties which according to her is worth it.