VIDEO: “Prophet Kofi Oduro has never responded to my invite though our church is close” Bishop Salifu Amoako reveals


Prophet Kofi Oduro has been stepping on the toes of some men of God through his preaching and his fellow Pastor has aligned that attitude to arrogance.

Bishop Salifu in responding to comments made by Prophet Kofi Oduro about God not speaking to any prophet in Ghana said, Prophet Kofi Oduro demeanor exhibits arrogance.

Bishop Salifu again chastised Prophet Oduro to never repeat that wording because if he claims to be a man of God, then God speaks to him before he preaches.

“You can not say God doesn’t speak to any prophet because he still speaks and talks to his children. Therefore God speaks to him, Kofi Oduro before he mounts his pulpit to preach.

“Arrogance is just making him talk like that. Not only is he arrogant, he has some kind of jealousy in him because our church’s are just a walking distance but he has refused to accept my invites” he expressed.

Bishop Amoako again stated that, the man of God has some jealousy inside him which has made him not respond to his call though their church’s are close.