“If Bawumia debates me on the economy, I’ll face him on literature” – Prof Naana Jane


Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang, the running mate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer has revealed her readiness to debate the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Bawumia.

Some people have made claims that she has no knowledge in Economics which disqualifies her as a running mate for her party but according to her, claims by her critics that she can’t occupy the Vice Presidential position because she does not have a background in economics are funny.

She gave an example of similar incidence which had happened in the NPP. In reference to the Late Aliu Mahama who had an engineering background but occupied the Vice Presidential position where he was head of the Economic Management Team.

She said “In their own party (NPP) they’ve had the late Vice President Aliu Mahama, was there a comment on him? Was he an economist? The vice president will chair the Security Council, must I be a security expert? So what are they talking about? What is the economy, how did I run the University of Cape Coast if I didn’t know one plus one? I am in literature and I am proud to be in literature. I will never pretend to know everything even in literature. I am not an economist, but I know the economy,”.

Asked whether she was willing to debate the Vice President on the Economy, the Academic said “why not?,” after which she sarcastically added, “and if he debates on economy I am going to debate him on literature, it is going to be very interesting.”