VIDEO: “NDC made me hungry” – Afia Schwar


The Good Book says, ‘it is only a fool who doesn’t change his mind’. This has been the case of Ghanaian comedienne, Afia Schwar on her political affiliation. Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has finally revealed what informed her decision to ditch the NDC, whom she campaigned for in 2016 to join the NPP.

Afia Schwar was a staunch NDC fellow and supported and campaigned for the party during the 2016 General Elections. The turn of events has caused the party faithful to descend on her for openly professing a change in her interest to the party. Reacting to their comments and insults, Afia also descended on them and describing the party and followers as ungrateful.

Her first reason for changing party is as a result of what she describes as ‘hunger strike’ she had to go through for supporting the NDC.

She not only had that hunger effect as a result of her support for the NDC, but she had to face some injuries in addition. What again made her support the NPP is the job offer the party has given her brother, who is working at the FlagStaff house.

Revealing the sacrifices she had to go through, the comedienne explained the job offer she had to reject in her quest to support the party. That also triggered some anger in her when those events flashed back.

She said, “if I am ugly, I was uglier when the NDC was in power but thankfully I have progressed. If anyone insults me, I will gladly join the charade and do same because I am not the only one in the party. The NDC people should leave me alone and if they say, the reason why I have joined the NPP is because of my stomach, then the NDC should know that, they were not able to feed me, that is why I had to switch parties. So leave me alone!”