VIDEO: Ghanaian US-based lady who threw husband’s clothes on the streets cries in reaction


US-based Ghanaian lady who kicked her husband out of their home and threw his clothes on the streets has reacted to her video going viral.

The lady identified as Stella Okyere in low spirits made a live video reacting to the bashing that has come her way since the video dropped.

From the earlier footage, she was heard accusing her husband, Nana Bediako, of defaulting the payment of their rent for two consecutive months.

This generated an often heard conversation all over social media about how women bail on their men when they don’t have their finances together.

Stella has been painted as disloyal by netizens who expressed that if the only reason for her kicking her man out of their home was that he didn’t pay rent then she was out of line.

Meanwhile, Stella has gone Live to address issues surrounding her marriage and how the video of her throwing Nana out went viral.

Sobbing throughout the entire video, the embattled lady explained that people would be drawing the wrong conclusion if their criticism is based solely on her showings in the video.

According to her, she has endured a lot in her marriage to the man in question and that people have the issue misconstrued.