“Ghanaian media are the Apostles of lies” – Afriyie Ankrah


Former Sports Minister and the Director of Election for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has described the Ghanaian Media as ‘Apostles of lies’.

According to him, the media in Ghana have failed to expose the ruling party because they are bias and have the party as a favorite.

To him, if what is happening under the NPP administration had happened under the NDC, the media will work at exposing the government.

But since it’s the NPP in government, the media tries to play the politics of equalization for the government to look good.

These claims were made during an interview on Adom TV.

“The media has to speak the truth. If half of the things that are happening under this regime happened under the NDC we would not have had heads to think in this country. You the media are part of our problems in this country. You don’t speak the truth. The media tries to play the equalization card to shield the NPP ills” he said.