VIDEO: “Sarkodie is a trickster so I fear him with my life” DKB slams Obede over NPP endorsement


Sarkodie after releasing his ‘Happy Day’ song has sparked a lot of controversy especially the comments that came out from the musician he featured.

There was controversy surrounding the song simply because Sarkodie had endorsed the incumbent NPP party and encouraged Ghanaians to give them another term of governance.

This move however didn’t sit well with the featured artiste Kuami Eugene who has expressed his disappointment in Sarkodie for deceiving him.

According to him, Kuami Eugene should have consulted people before jumping on a song with him but because he is Sarkodie, he(Kuami) thinks he has seen his God and would have a song with him..

Well, reacting to this, comedian DKB has passed a comment suggesting that Sarkodie has always been a trickster.

DKB alleged that Sarkodie deceived them after promising to go all out with the ‘dumsor vigil’ but disappointed everyone and travelled on the day of the vigil.