“Some foreigners have been brought in the country to let Mr Mahama lose the Presidential sceptre” Badu-Kobi


Founder and Leader of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has delve deep into the 2020 General Election in Ghana and has predicted a win for the opposition party which is led by John Dramani Mahama.

According to him, he saw in a vision with people working against the NDC in their quest of preventing Mr. Mahama from holding the presidential sceptre that will make him occupy the Jubilee House as the president of Ghana in 2021.

“The opposition of Ghana will rule in 2021. John Dramani Mahama is the next President and there is nothing anybody can do about it. In the first week in September, the door was closed for him.

“He is holding the sceptre of Ghana. Blood from somewhere is being pushed towards his feet but he is still holding the sceptre and as I speak he is still holding the sceptre and I am looking into 7th December and he is still holding the sceptre and he will win; he is the next president of Ghana,” Prophet Badu Kobi said whilst preaching in his church on Sunday, November 8.

Badu Kobi alleged that there are some foreigners who are currently in the country to manipulate the election in favour of a particular candidate but “all their agenda will not work”.

He explained that these foreigners are the people “pushing blood to let somebody lose his hands on the sceptre but it won’t work.”

“Kumasi will have problems, after the elections, some big people will be attacked,” Badu Kobi further prophesied.

He insisted that the opposition NDC will win the 2020 election of Ghana through a one-touch victory and they will be the Majority in Parliament as well.

Further, into the future, Badu Kobi projected that in 2024, Ghana will have the first female president.

“With the elections, there shall be few gunshots here and there, there shall be few blood spillage here and there, but it will end peacefully and the winner will emerge in Jesus’s name. It is done,” Prophet Badu Kobi stressed.

Badu Kobi also indicated that the winner will be seen on December 8 because of the significant vote margin that the opposition leader will have in the presidential election.