VIDEO: Ogyam sacked and disgraced after stealing a phone


Ogyam has been caught in the wrong kind of web at the wrong time. What can be described as an unfortunate incident which occurred at Tafo in Kumasi with a woman by name Madam. Abrafi.

According to the story, Ogyam was moving with the woman after she returned from the states. He was the carrier of her bags and other belongings especially during visits to relatives and friends.

Ogyam becoming familiar with the family and the things of the woman then decided to handle some of her things in the wrong way. One of the phones of the woman was missing and in their quest of finding it, decided to call to check the state of the phone.

Unfortunately, after the call went through, the missing phone was found with Ogyam, who was also helping them to search. He was sacked from the house after begging them not to expose him in public.