VIDEO: “Failed Election prophecy shows how fake you are” Prophet Kofi Oduro


Elections and prophecies has been totally linked together in this era as prophets have been predicting the party which will win in each election. Although some pastors and prophets have prophesied to some political parties and the public as to who win in this year’s elections. There have been some prophesies for both NPP and NDC party for their victory in this year’s elections.

However, irrespective of these prophesies by some prophets in the country, some people still believe God will be the one to choose his leader during the day of elections.

Prophet Kofi Oduro from Alabaster International Church in a live video descended heavily on Prophets from this part of the continent for neglecting the weightier matters but will be predicting American elections.n He described the prophets as charlatans and men after political parties saying that, each prophesies according to the party of interest.

Since most of the prophesies about US elections that Donald Trump will emerge the winner did not come to pass, some prophets have come out to explain why it did not happen while others are still holding on to Trump win.

This act gingered Prophet Kofi Oduro to directly aligned such failed prophecy to the authenticity of the message. Could some prophesies from some prophets over elections be lies and not from God?