“Rawlings is not happy” – Prophet Amoako


Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings passed on last week and the bereaved family is yet to finalise plans for his funeral and burial service. People have been dreaming about him and there has been an expression from the late noble man to the General public.

Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako is the leader and founder of Alive Chapel International, and according to him, the late President appeared to him in his dreams and made some remarks which must be shared to people.

Prophet Elisha revealed that in his dream, the late president didn’t look happy and was disturbed because he was not at peace. He said ““I saw former President Jerry John Rawlings in my dreams and in the dream, he was not happy as he was dressed in white cloth just as an angle before vanishing into the skies“.

He went on to say that late Jerry John Rawlings told him that he had not completed his service to Ghanaians.

“His worries were that he has an uncompleted mission and he is worried if Ghana will ever have a person of his persona and charisma” he added.

The question then is, what and who is this message for and of what importance does it have on the populace?