VIDEO: Funny Face In Hot Waters As His Father In Law Plans To Sue Him For Disrespecting His Daughter & Wife


Ghanaian UK-based musician and father of Funny Face’s ‘baby mama’, Jah Wizdom, has disclosed plans of suing Funny Face for disrespecting his daughter Ama Vanessa.

According to him, since his daughter gave birth to the twins, he has been expecting the comedian to come home and perform the necessary rites but that has not been done instead he keeps humiliating her.


In Akan culture, there is a form of cash compensation a man makes when he impregnates a lady who is not his legal wife. Traditionally, the man must appear before the lady’s parents and make the payment, known in the local parlance as ‘nkwasiabuo sika’, to ensure that the lady and her family do not feel cheated.

Unfortunately, Funny Face has not performed the rights.

Speaking in an interview with The Blaq Pen, Jah Wizdom said: “I don’t know him [Funny Face] I haven’t met him before. He has been physically abusing my daughter and I won’t allow him hurt her anymore.

He also accused Funny Face of physically assaulting his daughter and sacking her from his house despite being pregnant for him.

Jah Wisdom, who is also an uncle to the late Dancehall songstress, Ebony Reigns has, therefore, threatened to drag Funny Face to the Chief’s Palace for taking advantage of his daughter, disgracing her on social media, assaulting her, and making the family look stupid.

“As a father, I will sue him in the Chief’s Palace for the stupid things he has done to my daughter. I won’t sue him at the law court for any delay, I will sue him in the Chief’s Palace to be called in front of the elders to answer questions,” he noted.

He also stated that Funnyface impregnated his daughter Vanessa again but has failed to acknowledge her family and continue to drag her into a social media brawl, tarnishing her image and her family’s.

“She is even pregnant for him (Funny Face) again and yet he comes on social media to disgrace her. She can give birth any moment from now. As a family, we need to teach him a lesson that my daughter is from a family and if he knows what is coming his way, he won’t be misbehaving,” Jah Wizdom told The Blaq Pen.