VIDEO: “I support scammers ; to bring them to Christ” -Prophet High Spirit


One man of God has been gaining followers from circular artist is no other than Apostle Gusteve Yeboah popularly called High Spirt, the founder and leader of Refined Vessel Chapel International.

A video went viral viral where he was praising scammers for the good work done and that he supports them fully. In explaining the motive and aim of the video, the man of God described the video as a way of bringing everyone to Christ using available strategies in the kingdom.

“I embrace everyone and I don’t segregate but I need to show that in my words and when I pull them to church, I give them the true word of God. You can give word to someone who is hungry, therefore it is important to invite them by throwing your support for them, and when they have landed, you give them the true word” he said.

He again urged men of God to use intelligent approach in their dealings with non-Christians because the insults doesn’t bring them to Christ.