Angry man retaliate noise by putting sound system on the church’s fence wall & directs loud music into the house of God


A man who has allegedly suffered noise pollution at the hands of a nearby church decided to retaliate by placing a sound system on their fence wall and directing loud music into the house of God.

Angry man puts sound system on church’s fence wall and directs loud music into the house of God

It appears the Nigerian man had done everything within his means to stop the church from disturbing him, a situation he had to endure every morning including weekdays.

A Twitter user identified as @ebelee took to the platform to share the story of his friend.

According to him, the church always uses loudspeakers to disturb the community and all efforts to address the situation have failed.

“Faysal has killed me this morning. There’s a church next to his house that’s always making noise early in the morning even on weekdays, baba carried his sound system from his house to put on the fence demarcating the 2 compounds and started playing WAP.”