VIDEO: “I am sorry for the harsh words and disrespectful words I used for you” Tracey Boakye to Kennedy Agyapong


What can be described as cease fire by various actors of the insult spree, Tracey Boakye has finally apologized to Hon. Kennedy Agyapong over the insults she’s hurled at him during their ‘beef’ moment.

The apology came after Mr Agyapong in an interview described his comment about her being in relationship with Mr Mahama were all jokes just to avert and also because he is a man and understands the tendency of men being protective of their women.

Reacting to Kennedy Agyapong’s claim that his comment was just a joke, the actress apologized to the lawmaker telling him to be circumspect of such allegations in the future, especially during election. 

She described Kennedy Agyapong as a father figure and is repulsive with her words and the extent in addressing the issue.

Her post read “JOKING??? Really??? Ok, Hon Kennedy Agyapong, I beg you not to joke with such issues again, especially during an election period, No Politician has bought any house nor cars for me, My Man is not a politician. I AM ALSO SORRY FOR THE HARSH AND DISRESPECTFUL WORDS I USED FOR YOU, you’re like a father to me, and I’m your daughter. SO SORRY, and please such jokes are too expensive. THANK YOU”.