NPP Specialized quadricycle Vrs. NDC Okada — CODA


Specialized quadricycles for okada riders not for party use nor rich people – CODA

The newly introduced specialized four-seater vehicles for okada riders is not an initiative to fulfill partisan interests or to benefit only the people of high social standing, CEO of Coastal Development Authority, Jerry Ahmed Shaib has said.

According to him, since the initiative was launched on November 28, he has received countless calls from some influential persons demanding specific numbers of the quadricycle.

But speaking on Point Blank on CitiNews, he warned such persons to discontinue such calls and focus on the bigger picture.

He said the authority will not under any circumstances hand over or sell any of the quadricycles purchased at GH¢24,000; adding that each is meant to alleviate poverty in some deprived communities in the southern zone.

“Let me sound this warning here, these quadricycles are not for party use. Two, they are not also for rich people. So, all those rich people calling me…please stop it. I won’t give them to you. They are vehicles we’re going to make sure that they’re going to go to the very poor people and this is just for one purpose.”

Ahmed Shaib added that “It is in the president’s interest for us to eradicate poverty, that is what we call the IPEP. So, all the projects we do are under the IPED which is the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP). This is one of them.”

Giving further details on the mode of disbursement, Jerry Ahmed Shaib said the specialized four-passenger quadricycles will be given to drivers and Okada riders on hire-purchase for use as public transport.