“Premature congratulations are out of order” PPP


The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) says it is concerned about “the outcome of the 2020 Presidential race and the delay declaring a winner”.

In a statement signed by its Presidential candidate, Madam Brigitte Dzogbenuku, the PPP said although it had underscore some possible fraud and violence allegation against the EC, it does commend the EC for a wonderful work.

The statement sought to sensitize the various ‘small’ parties to be circumspect in their quest to congratulate a candidate as the all results had not been collated.

“We are equally concerned about the various allegations of violence and possible fraud. We would like to place on record that the PPP shall be the first to congratulate the EC’s declared winner of the Presidential race,” the statement said.

“In this regard, premature congratulations are out of order, particularly at this time when the election is too close to call. Let us desist from this practice. It has the tendency to promote instability in our dear nation”.

“We encourage the EC to thoroughly review all allegations of criminality and electoral infractions, and to calm the tensions in the nation by announcing figures that reflect the true will of the people.

“We would like to advise all security services to act in the interest of the people of Ghana, and not for or against any political party.

“We call on all Ghanaians to be vigilant and awake by protecting the dignity of our electoral system, while at the same time being mindful that all actions taken in this critical period should contribute to preserving peace and stability in Ghana”.