“Only broke or irrelevant artistes endorse political parties” – Keche Andrew


This year’s Election has been one with many endorsements from almost every industry in the country. Musicians, actors, actresses and many other stakeholders had openly endorsed the ruling party. There had been songs composed and skits done, all in the name of endorsement.

One endorsement and composition which had many talked about is the one from Samini. His endorsement came with a song titled “Kpoyaka”.

Keche Andrew born Andrew Kofi Cudjoe speaking on Kastle Drive with Amansan Krakye has described musicians who endorse political parties as hungry musicians and that they do it either out of hunger or they’re no longer active in the music scene.

“Look at those musicians who openly endorse the political parties, they are not active and relevant in the music industry. Some of them have even stopped doing music so they see it as other means to survive.

Keche Andrew explained how although they were approached by a political party, because they had interest in being active in the music scene and therefore won’t jeopardise that for any political party, thereby refusing.

“I understand them so I’m not criticizing them but as for Keche we’re not looking at ending our career anytime soon. It’s not that no political party approached us but we refused the proposals,” he concluded.